Normal Timetable Resumes

We are excited to announce that our full timetable is going back next week!!!
The full timetable will start from Tuesday 2 June (as Monday is a public holiday).
What you need to know
  • Whatever classes you were booked into before Level 4 started, you will be re-booked into ongoing (i.e. you don’t have register for your classes again)
  • There will still be SOME restrictions and differences to how we normally operate (read below)
  • If your membership is currently frozen, it will be unfrozen effective from 1 June
Some Differences …
  • You’ll still need to sanitise or wash your hands when you arrive for class
  • No parents will be allowed in the dojang unless they really need to talk to Rachel in the office, or they are the parent of a Kubz student who have orange belts (as Kubz must always have a parent present)
  • All classes will be 45 minutes long except for our 6.30pm classes are 1.5 hour long as per usual (with the last half hour for senior belts)
  • We’ll still have measures such as distancing in the dojang according to the advice we receive from Sport NZ
Situation Changed?
If your membership is frozen right now, and you do not wish to have it reinstated please let us know by the end of this week.