About Us

Kids reciting the Taekwon-Do Student Oath

Warrior Taekwon-Do was formed on the 29th April 2009. Our name “Warrior Taekwon-Do” invokes the ancient Korean Hwa-Rang warriors who were martial artists known for their code of courage, integrity, wisdom and compassion to others.

Our club has nearly 20 different classes each week catering for Kids and adults of all abilities over our three locations.

Our community is made up of:

International Taekwon-Do

Warrior TKD is a member club of International Taekwon-Do Foundation of New Zealand Inc (ITKD). ITKD is very much a “family” organisation, having grown from a few small clubs in Palmerston North and Wellington in the early 1970s. These clubs produced black belts that in turn started new clubs, and the organisation grew. Today we have over 50 schools nationwide.

Taekwon-Do is the Korean martial art of self-defence and is the world’s most popular martial art. The physical aspects of taekwon-do training will develop your agility, co-ordination, balance, strength, fitness, motor skills and more, while the mental aspects provide strength of character and confidence and helps to prepare people for all areas in their lives.

Our Team

Rachel Bates

Miss Rachel Bates


Grand Master Paul McPhail

Head Instructor

Mrs Sonya Robinson


Mr Brendan Doogan

Assistant Instructor
Kara Timmer

Miss Kara Timmer

Assistant Instructor

Mr Trevor Topfer

Assistant Instructor
Sarg Sharma

Mr Sachin Sharma

Assistant Instructor

Mr Mike Jensen

Assistant Instructor

Mr Oliver Kelly

Assistant Instructor

Leadership Team 2024

Leadership team coach (Mentor and professional development for the team members)
Mr Brendan Doogan

Interns (Team members who are paid for their assistance in classes)
Josh Steele, Anya Prakash, Matinah Ayobie, Ocean Wikaira.
Team members (Up-and-coming students who assist voluntarily)
Louise Molon-Noblot, Lin Lei Swe Hlaing, Evie Morrison and Gemma Wu, Parisa Deendost, Kevin Edwards, Chloe Miller and Indi Rowe