We are back! Next week marks the end of our Zoom Classes and getting back in the do-jang!

If you would still like to attend some Zoom classes, you are invited to join in with the Papakura members! Join here.

At Marua Road we are teaching small classes each end of the floor, with enough time between sessions to get you in and out of the venue safely. Lesson times will be slightly different than our normal schedule – so please check out the times that suit you.

NOTE that as soon as the 10 person limit for our classes are lifted, we will return to our normal schedule.


The forms below are for the dates shown only. Please register again each week as class times may change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Level 2 Sessions at Three Kings


Two groups will be run concurrently at each time slot: 

  1. UPPER LEVEL of the do-jang
  2. LOWER LEVEL of the do-jang

Classes will be at the normal times.

Parents please drop / pick up your kids on time outside the entrance.

Classes Tuesday 26th May at Fickling Centre, Three Kings

Register for your normal class time below. You will be notified to confirm your place.

Details of the person who will be training:

Classes at Marua Road


Two classes will be run concurrently: 

  1. BACK of the do-jang – enter using the door on the left  side of the building
  2. FRONT of the do-jang – enter using the normal entrance

Classes will be divided into these groups: 

  1. Kubz 
    Those in the Kubz pre-school program (orange belts)
  2. Mini-Kids 
    Those kids using the Mini-Kids program (white belts with first green, first blue etc)
  3. Juniors
    White belts up to yellow belt with green stripe, all ages.
  4. Seniors
    Green belts and above, all ages.

Parents please drop / pick up your kids on time at the gate (except for Kubz where parents must attend).

Classes at 198 Marua Road, Elersllie

Register your preference for class times below. You will be notified to confirm your place.

Details of the person who will be training:

  • All members should arrive at the designated entrance, remembering about social distancing in the doorways.
  • Parents please drop off and pick up your children from the gate – please don’t come in the venue.
  • Members will be checked in using our normal digital app to conform with the Level 2 requirements for contact tracking.
  • If anyone other than our members arrive in the venue, we will manually record their details.
  • Staff will be solely responsible for recording attendance, safe arrival and departure of members, as well as hygiene. 
  • You are invited to read our Covid19 Pandemic Document in accordance with SportNZ guidlines.