What is leadership Team?

Leadership team members learn how to teach Taekwon-Do skills, but more importantly, how to communicate and motivate individuals as well as groups of people. Much more than the technical skill of your kicks or punches, your skill as a successful communicator and motivator will determine your success as a teacher. Leadership Team members have the opportunity to practice these skills in classes with lower belt level students because: “the more we practice, the better we get!”.

Benefits to Leadership Team Members

  • The experience of participating and contributing to the Leadership Team has a number of benefits to its members.
  • Learn, develop and practice leadership skills. Leadership is the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal.
  • Learn skills for instructing, coaching, communicating with and motivating others. These skills will be invaluable in other areas of your school, work and family life.
  • Develop confidence and poise when addressing or working with groups of people. Individuals with these skills are in high demand in all areas of work, volunteerism, etc.
  • Teaching others is a very powerful way of reinforcing and increasing the depth of your own knowledge and understanding of movements and techniques, as well as the mental aspects of TKD.
  • Leadership Team is the entry level for individuals interested in developing a career as martial arts Instructors.
  • Improve competition skills by practicing and demonstrating in front of others.
  • Fulfil credit requirements for gradings.
  • Have a positive affect other people’s lives.
  • Help share and spread our Art!

The Role of a Leadership Team Member

Leadership Team members have several roles on the Dojang floor. Most importantly, Leadership Team members are additional eyes and ears for the Instructor. The extra individual attention that a Leadership Team member can give to lower ranking students augments that of the Instructor. This will help to improve the quality of our students’ Taekwon-Do technique, as well as enhancing their enjoyment and motivation in classes. The extra personal coaching provided by Leadership Team members also helps give students a greater personal connection with the school and with the Art. This helps them continue to be motivated to achieve their goals in Taekwon-Do.

Another role of Leadership Team members is to act as a behaviour role-model for lower rank students. Students see how the Leadership Team members act and naturally act in a similar manner. This includes many dimensions of behaviour such as the focus and attention they exhibit in classes, their courtesy and kindness, the respect they show to Seniors and Juniors in rank, their self-confidence and even their grooming, posture and physical bearing. Always remember: as a leader, your attitude (what you do, what you say, how you feel and what you think) is contagious!

Qualifications for Leadership Team:

  • Age 10 and older.
  • Super black belt attitude.
  • Good communications skills and the interest and ability to work with others with enthusiasm and patience.
  • Good reputation with the students.
  • Since you will be in a higher profile position in the school and a role model, you must not be a source of controversy.
  • Acceptable technique.


As a Leadership Team member, you will be “taken into the kitchen.” You will understand more about the actual operation and management of this school. This may also include confidential personal information about students.

While there is nothing to hide from anyone (except personal information), we prefer that this information stay in our Leadership Team classroom and not find its way into the changing room or onto the Dojang floor.

Most people prefer not to know what goes on in the kitchen of a restaurant. All they want to see is the beautiful meal served. We are no different. Leadership Team Responsibilities Leadership Team members must accept fully the following responsibilities in order to fulfill their role on the Team. Failure to perform in these areas must result in the dismissal from the Leadership Team in order to allow another student a chance:

Leadership Team members must attend all Leadership Team classes, seminars and workshops from time to time.
Leadership Team members assist in a one-hour class with lower belt levels at least once per week. Assistance at more classes is welcomed and encouraged – “The more we practice…”

Leadership Team members are expected to act as ambassadors for our Art and for our school, including demonstrating their best manners when at events outside of the school and following the Tenets in all parts of their life. Also, Leadership Team members should make efforts to encourage potential new students to discover the benefits of Taekwon-Do training.

Main Responsibilities of Leadership Team in Classes

  • Occasionally take warm-up;
  • Attend at least one session per week (arranged with Master McPhail) to assist the instructor;
  • Provide motivation, positive feedback and encouragement to individuals;
  • Lead individuals or small groups through specific activities (e.g. step sparring, self-defence, patterns);
  • Act as an “attitude” role model;
  • Observe, learn and absorb methods and techniques for instruction.

When can you help?

Check out our Class Schedule to see the current class times. We appreciate help at most of our classes and it may work well for you to choose a day that suits and assist with the Mini-Kids at 4.30pm, Juniors at 5.30pm, then training for yourself at 6.30pm.

Let us know below the days & times that may work for you.