How To Be Ready For Your Mini-Kids Grading

Here are some tips for parents and kids.

The Mini Kids Workbook has all the techniques and theory you will be tested on at your grading. The Home Questions and Home Tasks need to be signed off by a parent in advance of the grading.

Homework and Theory

In the lead up to a grading you will need to do the following:

Pre-Grading Period

The two weeks before a grading are known as the pre-grading period. During that time instructors are assessing to see whether you are ready to grade and will give important feedback to you on what to improve. 

Completing Registration

Parents can apply for grading as follows:

At The Grading

The grading is a formal event, with the dojang setup with an examination table and marshals at the front who help you find your place on the mats and demonstrate the techniques you will be asked. The examiner will be asking the grading applicants what they know – they won’t be trying to “catch you out”.

At the end of the grading the kids are presented with their grading certificates and stripes representing their new rank and we have a group photo.

Remember that gradings are just one part of Taekwon-Do. We encourage you to get involved in other events that will help you to grow and develop in Taekwon-Do and as a person throughout the year besides gradings including pee wee tournaments, club events, special training and kids camps.

Click here to view a video of SOME techniques required at THE grading