Zoom Lessons

On-line LIVE Zoom lessons on now!! 

Yes, it’s time to get back in our doboks for weekly regular classes (our new normal for now) coached by our regular instructors.


While we remain in level 2, we want to make sure our training gets back on track. This is important as we want to make sure we are “Fit for Purpose” when we return to training some time in the future to the Do Jang.

So these classes will continue for as long as we are unable to physically train in the Do Jang. Alongside the group classes our instructors will also regularly contact participants for an individual chat about your goals and any questions you may have about your training. 


Here is a link to the software (it is free) and can be downloaded to your computer or phone from zoom.us. We suggest you download it now and have a few practice “meetings” with friends or family so that you are familiar with it. Txt, email or ring me if you have any trouble downloading or installing it so we can get you started.
Our class schedules are below. We will need you all to confirm your places in these classes. See you on-line!

Training fees will start again from May in conjunction with our classes, so please contact Rachel if you have any questions. If you prefer not to take part, or are not in a financial position to resume your fee payments – no problem


We have put much thought into how to continue our trainings, and will possibly have to do on-line gradings until we are able to be back on the Do Jang floor, so we need you guys training.

ZOOM Lessons

Register yourself a LIVE ZOOM lesson

NB no need to re-register for classes you have already registered for – just any new ones you want to attend.

Details of the person who will be training: