Best Defence Course

Hosted by Warrior TKD
Open to ITKD Members, families and friends, 13+
Saturday 14th November, 9am-3pm
198 Marua Road, Ellerslie

We are very lucky to be hosting Self Defence Expert Mr Phil Thompson at our club for this amazing course. This course is an essential extension of what we cover at club, and an opportunity for you to invite family members and friends along so they can also benefit from these practical self defence techniques.

Best Defence is Protect’s complete reality-based self-protection programme – open to adults of all ages, from all walks of life. Best Defence lays a foundation for recognising and understanding confrontation and violence, as well as teaching you the skills to diffuse and the techniques to defend.

With a strong focus on recognising and preventing violence where possible in the early stages of a confrontation, Best Defence includes training on avoidance and awareness strategies, de-escalation and diffusion, and physical defence concepts and techniques.

Protect uses a training method called ‘alive’, which ensures that participants receive training and skills that can be applied immediately.

No special physical training is required to take part in this real-world self-defence course. In the words of Protect founder Phil Thomson: “If you can reach up and get a glass out of a cupboard, then you are fit enough to get involved in Best Defence”.

Watch Phil Thompson

Best Defence Registration Form

AGES 13 and above
Dress: Comfortable / old clothing
Bring a snack for lunch
Cost: $60


Please pay $60 per person into 02-0358-0284888-000 using BestDefence and your surname as references.